City of TorontoIt's My Potty was established in 1997 in response to the demands of Toronto's burgeoning film and television production industry. Already well entrenched in serving the needs of the local production industry in various support capacities, Paul Kenyon knew it was only a matter of time before film producers, in an effort to save time and money, would ultimately strive to keep cast and crew on-set at remote locations, without constant bathroom interruptions.

It was no surprise when the phone rang with a request from a Producer who was working on a remote location in the dead of winter, who indicated a 'standard', run of the mill, construction style portable rest-room simply would not suffice. What the situation required was to provide portable restrooms of a sufficient quality and construction, that users were not reminded of the malodorous temporary rest-rooms they had become familiar with. It's My Potty set out to find facilities suitable for even the most discerning leading lady.  

From our very first portable restroom unit to today's state of the art diversified fleet, the basic founding principle of the company remains the same; "to raise the bar in portable sanitation and to make the experience of using an It's My Potty portable restroom the same or better than using the facilities in your very own home."

To deliver on that principal, It's My Potty has consistently sourced equipment from around the world and constructed only the most advanced equipment money can buy. That product line now ranges from stand alone and trailerized single units up to our multi-unit trailers that provide clean, comfortable, climate controlled facilities for hundreds of guests at a time.

Today, It's My Potty is proud of our reputation for consistently exceeding our customers expectations and contributing to their 'milestone' moments. So whether your 'special' event is a child's birthday party, a local fair or festival, a golf tournament or the most special day of them all… your wedding day; with an It's My Potty portable rest-room, everyone is treated like a movie star!

At It's My Potty – every event is a 'special event'.