Who We Are

Team PictureThere are a great many portable restroom operators operating portable restroom companies. Some do it as a sideline and some make it their vocation. Many of which offer an acceptable product at an acceptable price. It's My Potty is not that company.

It's My Potty exists to improve the experience of using portable sanitation. We believe using a portable restroom should be a normal, everyday, clean, comfortable experience; not a mind numbing, nose altering embarrassment.

The experience we aim to deliver is one of cleanliness, efficiency and tastefulness. Portable restrooms need not be offensive any more than any other restroom facility.

We believe in delivering state of the art equipment on time – every time. While we exist to provide a much needed service and ultimately make some money along the way, we strive to raise the bar and consistently exceed our customers' expectations. We do so by seeking out advances in top quality equipment, hiring only the most capable, customer service driven employees and by making advances in how portable restrooms are manufactured, maintained and operate.

It's My Potty is committed to 'Green' thinking. We introduced solar panels in many of our units long before it became fashionable to do so and all of our units generate exponentially less waste than even the highest efficiency toilets in most Canadian homes.

It's My Potty is a proud member of OASIS (Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services) and PSAI (Portable Sanitation Association International) among many others.

We invite you to call, visit or e-mail us with any outstanding questions you may have and we respectfully remind you that not all portable restroom operations are created equal.


Paul E. Kenyon & The It's My Potty Team