Two-Sided Hand Wash Unit

Are you having an outdoor event where food preparation is part of the attraction, where hand washing is essential and permanent facilities don’t exist? With an aerodynamic European influenced design, It’s My Potty’s two sided hand wash stations have an extra large capacity tank normally only found in a four sided unit, but with the added convenience of a much larger wash basin that serves two users simultaneously.

With built in individual soap and paper hand towel dispensers, this virtually vandal resistant unit supplies clean, but non-drinkable water flow by way of a foot pedal pump. Easy to use, attractive design and extra large capacity, this unit offers it all!

  • Attractive blue/grey european styling
  • Compact, double sink system
  • Hands-free foot pump operation
  • 1,000 sheet paper towel capacity
  • Two x 30 oz/887 ml soap dispensers
  • Built-in lift handles
  • Approximately 1408 fresh water pumps
  • 22 Gallon/83 Litre fresh water capacity with visual water marks
  • 24 Gallon/90 Litre grey water capacity

  • 5'5"H X 2'2"W
  • Dry Weight: 70lbs./32kg
  • Laden Weight: 334lbs./152kg