Sani-Stand Hand Foam Dispenser

New this year!

With the gaining popularity of alcohol based hand sanitizers and the heightened concern for the prevention of the transmission of communicable diseases, these four sided eco-friendly alcohol hand sanitizing dispensers offer a zero waste solution for effective portable hand sanitization.

While fresh water hand washing is still the best method to reduce the likelihood of germ transmission, Sani-Stand Hand Foam Dispensers kills 99.9% of germs without water and offers a viable alternative when fresh water is scarce.

Ideal for use at festivals, food service locations, petting zoos, tattoo conventions and even in emergency preparedness operations. These stylish units take up very little space, are virtually vandal proof and can be anchored by a fully refillable base using sand or water as ballast.

  • Attractive Grey/Grey Styling
  • Compact Design, Four Side Dispensing
  • Locking Canopy Protects Supplies
  • Eco Friendly, Paperless Hand Sanitizing
  • Sanitizing Foam Kills 99.9% Of Dangerous Germs On Contact
Capacity: Approximately 5300 Uses

: 5'5"H X 2'5"W
Dry Weight: 31lbs./14kg
Laden Weight: 200lbs./91kg