Service Trucks

When you are in the portable restroom business, by default you are also in the waste removal business; but that doesn’t mean we go around promoting it needlessly.

Our waste removal or portable toilet service vehicles and ‘honey wagons’ have the sewage tank and pump mechanisms discreetly confined within an enclosed box truck.

Each of our late model, portable restroom service vehicles are presentable in a clean, white finish, with discreet logos and tasteful lettering - not indicative of a portable restroom vacuum or septic pumping truck.

When our service vehciles roll on to your street, we won’t be calling unflattering attention to our intended purpose/mission.

All of restroom service visits include the evacuation of waste water and the replenishing fresh water and restroom amenities; including toilet paper, hand soap, seat covers, paper towels, etc…

Service vehicles don’t have to be crass!