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The Best TIFF Party Supplier

Yes its true, the Toronto International Film Festival has It’s My Potty on the guest list at its most prestigious events. This rooftop parking garage is transformed into an event space each year with It’s My Potty and parent company, Absolute Tent & Event Services providing the special event rentals.

This is one of many TIFF events we do each year, it takes a real commitment to cram so many parties in so little time, but someone’s got to do it.

2011 IIFA Awards – Toronto Portable Toilet Supplier

The stage was huge, the setup was enormous, the stars came from far and wide and it was an unforgettable evening at the 2011 IIFA Awards in Toronto.
It’s My Potty had the privilege of providing a fleet of luxury amenities backstage for the stars, singers and dancers during the gala evening.

Behind the scenes is a fleet of upscale washrooms and rows of tents acting as dressing rooms for the show. Each restroom had attendants on duty to ensure 1st class amenities at all times. The upscale washrooms had signs like “Principal Artist” to distinquish whom was allowed to use which facility. Backstage was like a bee hive of activity as stars, other talent and bodyguards came from every direction.

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