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TABIA’s 40th – Portable Restroom Supplier

Royal Flush toilet rentals

Royal Flush toilet rentals

TABIA’s 40th was a huge affair this past April as Premier Dalton McGuinty, and 300 plus BIA delegates and others from across Canada came together in the very Bloor Street West neighborhood where it all began. It’s My Potty supplied a 24’ Royal Flush for such an occasion and as always it stole the show. Anyone that hasn’t experienced one in the past is invariably pleasantly surprised. A city Green P parking lot was transformed into a place to eat, toast and celebrate the inception of such a wonderful and useful organization.

We also had washroom attendants on hand insuring that the restrooms remained well stocked with such a large crowd. During the early evening the air conditioning kept things comfortable but as soon as the sun went down on that April night the heaters were needed to keep things toasty. Attendant’s duties even include changing the music regularly so guests won’t hear the same piece of music with each visit, heaven forbid. Once again everything went without a hitch which is always good.

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